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‘Fantastic’, ‘Awesome’, ‘Great product’, ‘Brilliantly designed’, ‘Terrific’, ‘Saved my ski life’, ‘I love my Ski~Mojo’, ‘Like skiing with Tigger’, ‘Best bit of kit I have’, ‘Ski your mates off the park’, these are just some of the ways that customers describe         



Without this kit skiing would be half the fun for me. I will never ski without it again

I don’t know how my shot knees would manage without it.

If you want to ski with people half your age, with little or no pre-trip fitness training and be rushing for the last connecting lift of the day – all without leg ache, get Ski~Mojo.

Thought I’d have to give up skiing but not with Ski~Mojo. Three straight days in the powder – no pain, no swelling – just epic skiing.

I cannot find any part of the 2013 / 2014 Mojo that needs improvement. Having said that, past experience shows that you continue to strive for improvement. I thought that the Mk 1 Mojo was the best piece of kit of its type on the market then and I believe the Mk2 improves that position even more so.

I have been a keen skier since 1981 and I am now 54 years old working as a full time GP. Until 2002 I had no problems of any sort with my knees and was able to ski all day. From 2002 gradually skiing became more and more painful and investigations revealed I have extensive osteoarthritis in both knees of such severity as to warrant knee replacements should I wish.


By 2008 a skiing holiday consisted of one or two very painful slow runs in the morning, reading a book at a restaurant until my friends returned for lunch and then one or two painful slow runs in the afternoon before slowly returning to the resort.

In 2008 I heard about the ski~mojo and used it in Zermatt for the first time in March 2009. To say it was an improvement is a gross understatement, it was an absolute revelation.

I weighed 14 stones 7 pounds on that holiday and I found that with the ski~mojo set to its maximum support I was able to ski with virtually no pain of any sort, as fast as I wished, and despite having weak thigh muscles as a result of the osteoarthritis I found little fatigue after an entire days skiing.

I was able to ski the entire week without difficulties or cumulative fatigue. It took only a single run to adapt to the wonderful support provided by the ski~mojo, the sensation when skiing with a ski~mojo is quite excellent, best described as weighing one third of your normal weight with skis that seem glued to the snow. There is no loss of control, indeed if anything control is enhanced particularly on ice as the springs adapt to chattering across ridges much faster than your muscles can.

Also it is easy wearing a ski~mojo to adopt and return from a full schuss position without any strain at all.

I have the ski~mojo to thank for allowing me to return to the pleasures of near painless fatigue free skiing.

First off, Thank you so much!


I was hooked on skiing from the first day I slid down the bunny slope 6 short years ago. Unfortunately my body didn’t share my enthusiasm, and on my first big trip to Vail, Colorado, half way through the first day, I learned that my knees weren’t particularly suited to handle the stress of skiing nearly as well as the rest of my body. The way it feels is like my knees are just water and there is no support to give. Throughout the years I tried all manner of braces and supports, creams and pain relievers. I tried physical training doing lunges and wall sits and working on the stationary bike. When ever I read a claim that something could allegedly ease the stress on the knees I tried it, custom orthotics, a stance alignment, etc.

None of that came any where close to what the ski~mojo was able to do for me. Finally I was able to ski the way I wanted to ski, without worrying about whether my knee would give out on me at the most inopportune time. My first trip with it on was a revelation. I skied like I was possessed! I no longer needed to stop every handful of minutes into a run to give my knees some time to recover . I no longer had to sit out after a couple of runs for a break while everyone else kept on without me. I was now the person ready to go in the morning, suggest the quick snack instead of the long lunch and itching for the last run before the ski patrol escorted us off the mountain. For that I have to thank you. I can now ski as much as I want, when ever I want, on my terms and that is a beautiful thing.